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Hi everyone,

I'm sorry to bother you while you're surfing but for that very reason, your all powerful online presence that is, and considering many of you might share my concerns with college/university fees and accessibility to higher education, I "implore" you to read this !

As you may have heard, facing a 75% hikes, Québec students have been on strike for over two months now and the conflict have become more and more violent over the last few weeks. Of course, many students have been injured. Last month, one of them almost lost an eye when a flash bang grenade exploded too close. Last week, some have been held prisoners in buses for over eight hours. Others have been put in jail, fourteen in a cell designed for three. They weren't given the right to go to the bathroom. Worst : they weren't offered water for many hours. That very night, two elders who were "caught" marching with the students were beaten in jail while trying to protect a young girl. Yesterday, a fifty years old passerby got his leg broken when hit by a policeman. Many campuses have been invaded by guards and officers, spreading fear and revolt. People showing support to the students can't get in. Teachers have been arrested. Even inside their own universities. Instead of discussing, the government and students against the strike used judiciary threats to force teachers back into class.

Yesterday, while the most violent protest was happening just across the street, the Prime Minister laughed it off in front of a crowd filled with business people. Showing absolutely no concern for the brutality he, as the head of government, is cautioning. Treating the students with unspeakable contempt. In fact, patronizing has been one of the main tactics employed by the different ministers and other adversaries.

All that being said, if you or your readers ever want to show your support, here are two quick and easy ways to do so among many others. Thanks a lot for your time and consideration.

The first one is an online petition against police brutality and the second one is a map of the world allowing you to mark your location, thus showing support from all around the planet!

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